Getting Started
Get Started
Here’s how you get started with Help for Home
  1. Download the “Get Started” brochure and look through the inventory order form. This is a full listing of the therapy supplies available for your Help for Home center. Remember that Help for Home will supply you with up to $2,000 of initial inventory to stock your cabinet. (You don’t have to buy a thing!)
  2. The items included in the “Starter Kit” section are required for every Help For Home Center. You can choose an additional $1682 of items your patients may need based upon typical therapy programs.
  3. Fill in the desired quantities of specific supplies (sizes, colors, etc.) and calculate the inventory dollars.
  4. Subtotal each category of therapy supplies.
  5. Total your order by adding up all subtotal orders. Your initial inventory cannot exceed $2,000 worth of therapy supplies.
  6. Fill out the information about your facility, the name of the individual responsible for overseeing the Help for Home program contract, along with their contact information and email, and fax it to us at 317-581-1857.
We’ll follow up with you within 48 hours to establish the Help for Home contract, process your order, and make arrangements to get the Rewards Program and the cabinet set up in your clinic or facility. We deliver your cabinet with the inventory you ordered, unpack it, stock it and provide you with the necessary forms to run the program and reorder. Help for Home provides inventory maintenance and all customer service functions after any sale.

Download the “Get Started” brochure now, email us with questions, or call 800-223-8073.