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Help for Home
Monthly Sales
$0 – $199
$200 – $250
$251 – $300
$301 – $350
$351 and up
10 points gets you
  • two oversized hot packs, or
  • a box of six IontoPatches, or
  • two 55-cm red Physioballs
15 points earns
  • 50 yards of red TheraBand, or
  • 4 packs of 4 electrodes, one oversized cold pack, and a 65-cm green Physioball
Click here to download a copy of the Help for Home Reward Points Program sheet.
We Reward You!
Get Rewards
We pay you to help your patients.

We place the Help for Home center inside your facility at no cost to you, maintain the inventory and provide all customer service functions after any sale. Based on what is sold each month, you earn points to use toward the purchase of additional clinical items. All you do is dispense products to patients and restock the cabinet once a month with the inventory we send to you.

With the Help for Home Program, you save your patients the hassle of searching for quality and effective therapy items by offering professional products for immediate purchase right in your facility – and you can demonstrate how to use them on the spot. You also save on clinical overhead, earning discounts on your own supplies through your patients’ purchases.

It’s a win-win partnership for physical therapists who want to improve clinical outcomes, increase the bottom line, and offer greater convenience for both patients and staff.